Leak Detection

Smart Command Eco Valve

This leak detection and isolation valve provides a layer of defense against harmful and costly leaks in plumbing systems. Once installed and calibrated, The Smart Command Eco Valve learns the water usage patterns of the system and will remotely prevent and isolate leaks before they become large issues.

One of the biggest contributors to water waste in the built environment is caused by leakage from plumbing systems. With a network of Eco Valves installed at high-risk locations, asset and facility manages can rest assured their building is being monitored.

If a minor irregularity is detected, the valve will send a warning, however in the case of a major deviation to normal water use, the valve will shut and send an alert so that the reason for the excess of water can be found and fixed.

Product Overview

Product Type Leak Detection Valve
Connections and Codes 510100 = Eco Valve with DN20 fittings

510101 = Eco Valve with DN25 fittings

510102 = Eco Valve with DN32 fittings

Electronics Supply voltage to the system is 240V AC 50Hz. Operating current 12 volts DC. Features battery back up. 9 VLT Lithium Battery not supplied.

For general electrical connection install a plug socket 240V AC. Valve to be installed downstream from main mechanical isolation valve.
Alerts & Shut Off Eco Valve learns water use patterns and will alert if minor irregularities present or will shut and isolate if major deviations are detected indicating a potential leak.

Product Technical Data

Dimensions: 150mm x 285mm x 80mm

Weight Gross: 2.5kg

Power Supply: Wall mounted power pack (supplied)

Sensor types: Flow meter, Pressure, Temperature, Conductivity

Plug Pack Input: 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz; AS/NZS 3112 Compliant AU Pins

Plug Pack Output: 12VDC

Energy Consumption Standby: 1.2 W Activation: 2 W Data Transmission: 1.2 W

Battery back up: 9 Volt Lithium Battery required at installation to serve as fail safe

Ambient Operating (Air) Temperature: 0°C – 60°C

Operating Water Temperature Range: 4°C – 65°C

Operation Pressure (Static): 100-500kPa as per AS/NZS 5200 (Max Rating 1400kPa)

IP Rating: IP32

BMS Connection Type: Compatible with BACnet BMS connection via Caroma Smart Command Bluetooth® Gateway (410100) &

Concentrator (410101) Connectivity with Caroma Smart Command Cloud with internet connection.

Communication Protocol: Bluetooth® 4.0