Smart Command Invisi II Panel

This Invisi flush panel utilises infra-red sensing to detect users as they enter whilst also enabling touchless flush activations. Removing physical touchpoints for a more hygienic bathroom experience.

Remote automatic flush activations can be programmed at initial configuration or later via the Caroma Smart Command mobile application. This keeps water moving within buildings and helps combat the negative effects that stagnate water can create.

Keep track and monitor key insights throughout your building’s toilet usage such as Half vs Full Flush ratio’s or how many times Urinals have been used as compared to Toilets.

Identify areas of improvement and introduce measures to drive sustainable outcomes such as targeted behavioural programs or perhaps physical changes like additional privacy for urinal users and monitor your successes on the Cloud.

Product Overview

Product Type Buttons
WELS star rating and flow rate Not Applicable
Material Metal or Glass
Colour & Codes 238000C = Chrome Metal Flush Plate

238010B = Black Glass Flush Plate

238000BN = Brushed Nickel Metal Flush Plate

238010W = White Glass Flush Plate

Hygienic Flush Once calibrated, remote purging of the toilet will take place if fixture has not been used for a determined period.
Electronics Supply voltage to the system is 240V AC 50Hz. Operating current 11 volts DC. Battery Backup pack included.
Installation Can be installed in a new or existing Invisi II dual flush cistern.

Product Technical Data

Dimensions: Height: 211mm x Width, 110mm x Thickness: 8mm

Weight: 650g

Power Supply: Wall mounted power pack (supplied)

Sensor Type: Infra-Red.

Power Consumption: Max. 20mA

Plug Pack Input: 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Plug Pack Output: 6V DC

BMS Connection Type: BMS connection via Caroma Smart Command Bluetooth® Gateway (410100) & Concentrator (410101)

Communication Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0

Power Supply EMC Approvals: CE, C-Tick and FCC

Power Supply Safety Approvals: RMC, UL, CUL, TUV, GS, SAA, CE and CB

Power Supply Safety Compliance: AS/NZS 60950, UL 60950, EN 60950, IEC 60950