Smart Command Urinal - Rough In Kit

The rough in kit turns an everyday urinal into a Bluetooth enabled smart device and integrates seamlessly with the Caroma Cube 0.8L and Leda electronic urinals. Integrated sensors and programmed logic detects users and will flush accordingly considering the traffic frequency to save unnecessary flushes.

Monitor your buildings water saving indicators by examining toilet versus urinal use. With the considerably lower flush volume of a urinal, higher urinal use is the leading driver to saving water in a male bathroom.

Product Overview

Product Type Electronic Urinal Flush Valve
Product Codes 678809
WELS star rating and flow rate WELS 6 Star Rated. 0.8L per flush per stall
Inlet Back inlet for concealed nominal 20mm dia. sparge pipe and compression rubber fitting
Induct Automatic urinal flush system

Product Technical Data

Dimensions: 211mm H x Distance to Centre of Outlet: 236mm x Width: 50mm

Weight: 650g

Power Supply: Wall mounted power pack (supplied)

Sensor Type: H.F.

Power Consumption: Max. 20mA

Plug Pack Input: 240V AC 50/60 Hz

Plug Pack Output: 6V DC

BMS Connection Type: BMS connection via Caroma Smart Command Bluetooth® Gateway (410100) & Concentrator (4110101)

Communication Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0

Power Supply EMC Approvals: CE, C-Tick and FCC

Power Supply Safety Approvals: RCM, UL, CUL, TUV, GS, SAA, CE and CB

Power Supply Safety Compliance: AS/NZS 60950, UL 60950, EN 60950, IEC 60950